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Last weekend we went on a double with our cuz, Tori, and her boy, Brett. He is basically a member of the family now. We love him. :) We went out to eat at California Pizza Kitchen which was DELICIOUS. I'd never been and I was not disappointed. That Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza was pretty darn amazing. Then we got to see Odyssey Dance Theatre's Thriller show. It was soo awesome! The makeup and costuming was really good and there were some excellent (and creepy) pieces. Some of those dancer's technical ability is just unreal. Whoa. We had a lot of fun.

The Fam at Sundance

After the last session of conference the McCloskey Clan decided to take a drive through the mountains to see the changing fall colors. So beautiful!
This is on the bridge where Brandon proposed. Awwww.....