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Catchin Up

I know, I know. It's been like 10 years (but really only 9ish months) since I posted last. Oopsie poopsie. But that's because there have been super EXCITING things happening in our lives. Brandon is back at school for his LAST semester! WOOO!!! We are pretty stoked. I, being the mature, graduated lady I am, got a full time job! I absolutely LOOOOVE it! It is a small office in American Fork called Mountain West Foot and Ankle Institute and I am learning so much every day. I never thought I would be working as a patient care coordinator/ medical assistant for a foot doctor. It is so interesting. Dr. Gibson is the nicest guy ever and I LOVE the 4 other ladies I work with every day.

Also, Brandon just found out today that he got a job working for Property Solutions! I'll let him tell you more about that later... :)

Yes, I am still dancing. Of course. :) I auditioned for a company in Denver in June and after the two week long process, I was invited to join their company. Howev…

Kids Say the Darndest Things

HILARIOUS. My friend Jeremiah posted this gem on FB. Enjoy!

"You did real good, Jess. You did real good."