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Reyna Photography

My friend and rock star photographer Reyna Peery did a dancey photo shoot with me last month when I was visiting my parents in Arizona. It was SO much fun. She was in town last week and did another shoot with me and my sis-in-law Rachel. We got to submerge ourselves in a freezing river in huge poofy dresses. It was awesome. :) Those pics will be posted later but for now.. these are some Arizona ones.


Kinect Adventures is WAY too much fun. I get all sweaty within minutes. These are pictures our Kinect took of us as we dodged obstacles, reached for coins, flew through the sky, or other similar nonsense. You NEED to try this.

Brandon is Prospering :)

This is kind of old news but for those of you who don't know.. Brandon got this amazing job for a company called Prosper. It's a financial consulting company for people who want to get out of debt, succeed in their businesses, or just be smarter with their money. He has learned a lot and is doing really well. He animatedly tells me all about it all the time! haha. He actually won a huge flat screen tv because he is so amazing! It was a 42 in. but we decided to upgrade a little and get a 50 in. It has been SO nice. Our old tv was so ghetto. Ha ha. To celebrate we got a kinect for our x-box and the game dance central. We play it ALL the time. :) He also just won a huge stainless steel grill! We are pretty excited about that and can't wait to have a real backyard we can put it in! For now it will be used well at my in-laws house. Bring on the steak!! Woot woot! Brandon also won a week driving a brand new Mercedes. Its b-e-a-u-tiful! If only we could keep it! Actually Brandon …

Run Jessie, Run!!

I miss dancing so much. The first couple of weeks after the school year ended I didn't really move much outside of walking. I felt so... bleh. Luckily, my friend Manda had this amazing idea to start running together! I was very excited because just a few days earlier I had run into a beginners running program on (funnest website ever). I have NEVER been a good runner. I hate it. I think this hatred began when I found out I had sport induced asthma in middle school. While running the mile I had an asthma attack and thus began my short relationship with my inhaler. I gave up on the inhaler long ago, trying to get over my asthma on my own.
The first week of our running regiment we only ran (don't laugh) one minute and then walked a minute for 30 minutes. The next week we ran two minutes and then walked a minute for 30 minutes. Every Monday we add a minute and surprisingly, its going really well. We are currently on six minutes. We are also going to yoga on Tuesdays…