Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I flew straight from Orange, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii for a week of fun with the fam! I was SOOO psyched to see Brandon again. Two weeks is WAY too long. I never EVER want to be away from him that long again. I can't believe I cried at the airport upon seeing him after all that time. What a goober. Ha ha. Oahu was SOO much fun and it was SO great to see Quinn again. We miss him!!Sorry these photos are so scrambled. They are definitely not in the right order but I can't figure out how to fix it. Ha. The above photo is at Sunset Beach. That was my favorite night of the trip. We just played in the water until the sun started setting and then played in the sand, tried out our model poses (ha) and had some friendly competitions. Ha ha. Brandon creamed us all in the long jump but the foot race was a close one between him and Quinn.

This is at Ted's Bigger Burgers. Holy Hannah are they ginormous! Mine was SOOO good. It had a "bigger (you choose big, bigger, or biggest.. I was hungry ok?)" pattie (7 oz), avacado, bacon, hash browns, lettuce, pickle, onion rings, tomato, ketchup, and honey mustard. I think thats everything...haha. I don't even want to know how many calories that was... But I would totally go back. YUUUM! haha.
At the Polynesian Cultural Center after the Kali'i Luaa

Luau!! They gave us fresh flower leis! The kalua pork was as scrumptious as ever. :)

The first day of our trip Rick biffed it really hard on the sand when he was trying to body surf a gnarly wave. There were signs saying to use caution because the waves were dangerous. In fact life guards were telling us over the speaker to go to a safer beach if we weren't experienced. Rick was the first to head into the water. When we asked him if he wanted a boogie board, he said, "Let me see if I can survive first." Ha. I guess not. After the accident, he struggled to make it back to the beach and then headed over to the Lifeguard to get something for his bleeding head. A few minutes later he returned with a confused expression on his face. He sat down and proceeded to ask us several questions such as "How did I get this ice pack? What happened? Where are we? We would answer his questions but he would keep repeating his questions every 30 seconds or so. After he called his son Brandon, Frank, we decided we needed to get him to the hospital. We couldn't get him to go willingly as he kept saying, "Wait just a second. Just tell me what happened" after we had told him multiple times. After an exciting ambulance ride we spent a few hours at the hospital while the doctors checked him out. The ride home was pretty funny since he couldn't remember anything that happened two minutes ago. After we told him what happened he asked, "Did I just get pile driven (his favorite description of the accident that day) into the sand? Did it look cool? Was it a big wave? and of course.. What happened? Ha ha. Don't worry, I got some of it on tape. His memory slowly returned but he will never remember the accident or the ride to the hospital. Poor guy. We are so glad he is back to normal. :) Lesson learned: Don't go boogie boarding( or body surfing) at Sandy Beach in Oahu! Its dangerous!!

"Love and Other Impossibilities" photos

Photography: Tim Agler

Backhaus Dance Summer Intensive

July 18th-30th I got the amazing opportunity to go to Orange, CA for a summer dance intensive with Backhausdance, a professional modern dance company. It was an AMAZING two weeks and I learned so much. I took class from 9:30 to 5, Monday through Friday for two weeks and then performed in a show Fri and Sat night of the second week. Some classes I was able to take were contemporary jazz, modern, ballet, contemporary ballet, pilates, somatics, composition, improvisation, Limon technique and partnering (possibly my favorite class). We also had rehearsal from 3:30-5 everyday. All the students were split into three groups to learn some rep from the company. The piece I got chosen for was "Love and Other Impossiblities". It was a BLAST! It was a combination of contemporary and tango. I got to partner with several guys and get lifted!! (this is new for me being 6'1). It was basically a dream come true performance. Ha ha. When it was over I made sure to write down everything I had learned from the great faculty. I'm excited to take that information into my technique classes at BYU in the fall.. Its my last year! Craziness.

Chihiro, me, Tawny, and Liane. These three ladies are dancers on the company and are CRAZY talented!!! I love them. :)
Jolie, the sweet girl who let me stay with her in Orange, loaned me her bike to trek the the 3 miles to campus everyday. As it was my only form of transportation, Bike and I went to the laundromat, grocery store, Target, and everywhere else together. We are good friends. Ha ha.

Meet Gabe. He and I were often partners during the intensive. He is awesome! :)