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I flew straight from Orange, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii for a week of fun with the fam! I was SOOO psyched to see Brandon again. Two weeks is WAY too long. I never EVER want to be away from him that long again. I can't believe I cried at the airport upon seeing him after all that time. What a goober. Ha ha. Oahu was SOO much fun and it was SO great to see Quinn again. We miss him!!Sorry these photos are so scrambled. They are definitely not in the right order but I can't figure out how to fix it. Ha. The above photo is at Sunset Beach. That was my favorite night of the trip. We just played in the water until the sun started setting and then played in the sand, tried out our model poses (ha) and had some friendly competitions. Ha ha. Brandon creamed us all in the long jump but the foot race was a close one between him and Quinn.

This is at Ted's Bigger Burgers. Holy Hannah are they ginormous! Mine was SOOO good. It had a "bigger (you choose big, bigger, or biggest.. I…

"Love and Other Impossibilities" photos

Photography: Tim Agler

Backhaus Dance Summer Intensive

July 18th-30th I got the amazing opportunity to go to Orange, CA for a summer dance intensive with Backhausdance, a professional modern dance company. It was an AMAZING two weeks and I learned so much. I took class from 9:30 to 5, Monday through Friday for two weeks and then performed in a show Fri and Sat night of the second week. Some classes I was able to take were contemporary jazz, modern, ballet, contemporary ballet, pilates, somatics, composition, improvisation, Limon technique and partnering (possibly my favorite class). We also had rehearsal from 3:30-5 everyday. All the students were split into three groups to learn some rep from the company. The piece I got chosen for was "Love and Other Impossiblities". It was a BLAST! It was a combination of contemporary and tango. I got to partner with several guys and get lifted!! (this is new for me being 6'1). It was basically a dream come true performance. Ha ha. When it was over I made sure to write down …