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4 Months

Ander is growing like a weed! I don't know his exact height/weight yet because his appt is next week but he is HUGE. He is learning so many things! He reaches out and grabs things, rolls over, has stronger leg and core muscles, and is full of giggles! What a joy he is!

Epic mad face. hahaha!

 My friend Alice got him this outfit for Christmas and it's so small on him but I had to put him in it at least once! haha! Adorable! At least his future siblings will get more use out of it.

Stitch Fix

I wanted to share a fun online shopping experience I had last month. I heard from a friend about a company called Stitch Fix. How it works is that you go online, fill out a style profile, give them all your measurements, and tell them any specifications you have for clothing. I explained that I had just had a baby, was between sizes, and was looking for tops that would cover a saggy tummy for a while. I also needed modest clothes that would cover my garments. They ship you a box with 5 items on a date of your choosing (I did my birthday), you try everything on and decide what to keep, if anything. There is a 20 dollar styling fee but it goes toward your purchase if you decide to buy something. Shipping is free both ways. These are the 5 tops I received.
This was my favorite. It is sooo comfortable and flattering on. This is the only item I kept. $48. (I paid 28 because I had already paid my $20 fee when it shipped). I wouldn't normally pay that much for a shirt (most items are …

To Grandmother's House We Go!

Brandon got the awesome opportunity to go to India in December for 3 weeks for work. Don't worry- he was back for Christmas. Barely. :) While he was gone, I went to visit family up in the Ogden/Clearfield area for a week before heading down to Arizona to stay with my parents for a few weeks.
 About to get on the train to go see great grandma and grandpa Clements! Ander has traveled in cars, planes, and trains now!
 He loves his great grandpa!
The plane ride to AZ was a little rough. We were squeezed between two larger people and trying to nurse in such a little space is kind of impossible. He's a trooper. While in Arizona, his grandpa taught him some very important life lessons while at the piano. "You better not cry, you better not pout..."  All smiles for grandma at the ward Christmas party!

 Mom and I had a blast bowling very poorly! hehe!  Ander discovered he loves Bumbo seats!

We sure enjoyed the warm Arizona sunshine!  Jenedy taught me how to watercolor. I love…

Giving Thanks San Diego Style

Well it took us 12 hours to drive to San Diego with Ander, BUT we had a great time once we got there. We decided to spend Thanksgiving with Brandon's cousins this year. While there, we took the opportunity to get some family photos done (I wanted beach photos but it was raining. Sad!)

 Ander was crying so we decided to copy him. Alas, he just looked at us like we were a bunch of weirdos.

I shared what I was grateful for every day in November on Facebook so I'll recap it here:
Day 1: I'm thankful for music. Music that calms my baby, music that makes me want to dance, music that brings in holiday spirit, music that reminds me of good friends and good memories, music that brings me closer to my Heavenly Father. Day 2: I'm grateful for my home. A home that I can decorate year round, a home that is clean and organized (for the most part), a home that is familiar and comforting, a home where I feel safe, a home where I feel the spirit, a home where my family is toget…

3 Months

Well, Ander is 3 months old! Time flies when you're havin' fun! He's started laughing now which is sooo fun! Luckily he started laughing right before daddy left for India for 3 weeks. We are so glad he didn't miss those first laughs! Ander went on his first road trip this last weekend, and a 12 hour one at that! He did pretty good but the car seat still really isn't his favorite place to be! Ha ha. I'm so excited for Ander's first Christmas! He really loves to stare at the Christmas tree lights. We will be having Christmas with Brandon's fam this year and since he is the first and only grandkid in their family, he is gonna get lots of lovin I'm sure!

 It feels so good to be back in my pre-preg clothes again! I was getting really sick of maternity clothes.. haha. I'm still not where I want to be yet but I'm getting closer every day. I'm doing The Biggest Loser with a bunch of other new moms which is really motivating. :)  This dude has…