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Fun Sized Friends

Cute Lil' Ashley and her boy Jeremy, recently returned from his mission in Chile!
Illusion? We tried.

Flashback: Prague

AH! I just noticed I failed to document my (jcloskey2) mission in Prague, Czech Republic in July. I was sent there on a top secret mission with eight other very talented agents. What a successful mission it was! That is not to say it wasn't a rough start.

After 14 hours in an airplane and another hour bus ride to Prague, we discovered our luggage was missing. After filling out some paperwork we decided to make the best of it and go exploring. We walked the cobblestone streets and browsed the quaint shops all along the way. We got hungry and stopped to eat at an authentic czech restaurant where we all ordered something we were told was delicious. To the contrary, we all felt mildly sick to our stomachs afterward and vowed never to eat that sticky orange sauce again. I tried to use my credit card to buy the meal and discovered it was frozen. Yes, I did call the bank before I left to tell them I would be out of the country but somehow, the message hadn't gotten through. So in addi…

A Blur of Happiness!

Well. A moment to breathe. School (we are undercover you see) started over three weeks ago and it's been a little crazy. Brando18 and jcloskey2 have been EXTREMELY busy with various perilous missions requiring excessive amounts of mental and physical energy (especially in jcloskey2's case). Through it all, they've held on close and will not be pulled apart by the momentum of this blur of life! School is going splendidly. Both agents are enjoying their classes and are quite passionate about their majors.

Brando18 has switched from information systems to computer engineering (or computer science) and is not loving chemistry but quite likes his major classes. Jcloskey2 is loving her new technique teacher, Jiamin, who kicks her trash every class. I know of no better way for an agent to stay in shape! She is loving the hours she is in the studio every day, rehearsing for the DE concert in November.

Work is work (who knew agents had to work while really working for the government …