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2 Months!

Well our boy is two months old today! The biggest difference I've noticed this month is his smile. He has really started smiling a ton. He has so many different smiles and they bring me so much joy. A happy boy is a happy momma! I started eating dairy again (except fresh milk) to see how he would react and he is doing well.. So maybe dairy wasn't his issue. He hasn't been nearly as gassy and uncomfortable so I guess he just needed time to grow into his tummy. ha ha. He has also been a great sleeper lately! He goes 5 hours straight regularly and sometimes 6-7! Woot! He still is hard to go places with because he really doesn't like being in a car seat... but I'm trying to be patient. ;)

 Sometimes he has crazy hair days.. I think he's trying to make me feel better about mine.
 Some days this is all we do. Ha ha.

 He had his first airplane ride at 6.5 weeks old (all the way to Hawaii)! I was terrified but he did SOOO awesome! He didn't cry at all! He's g…


Ander doesn't love pumpkins yet... (ok so maybe we rudely awakened him to take his picture. oopsie)

Lindsey Marie Photography

My totally amazing sis-in-law, Lindsey Girl, was nice enough to do a newborn shoot with Ander. I love ALL of them! Check out Lindsey Marie Photography on Facebook. This girls got SKILLZ.

Morning Madness

I've realized that it takes me a whole lot longer to get ready these days.. In addition to everything else I normally do to get ready, I have to:
1. Put cocoa butter lotion all over my saggy body to try to get rid of stretch marks and make my skin more elastic
2. Apply cortisone lotion to my arms and shoulders to get rid of the acne that has started accumulating there (SO glamorous)
3. Put on breast pads
4. Put on a maxi pad
5. Take a vitamin so I still get the nutrients my child is leeching out of my body
6. Spend time making a healthy breakfast that does not contain dairy
7. Chart said breakfast (and all meals) in MyFitnessPal
8. Do a plank (for a fitness challenge with my September moms group) 9. Do push ups (see 8)
10. Spend at least 10 minutes looking for an outfit I look half decent in and can nurse in
...all while hoping Ander will sleep just a little longer.. HA!