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2nd "Fix"

Well you guys, Sitch Fix KILLED it for my 2nd fix. They sent me exactly what I asked for: modest skirts for church, blouses, and accessories.
It's like Christmas opening a Stitch Fix box!
 Item #1: Blue Blouse. Absolutely lovely. I love the modest v neck and flowy feel around the waist. BUT I can find something just like it for a lot cheaper somewhere else.
 Item #2: You can't see it well, but its a fitted brown pencil skirt. This was Brandon's favorite item but I decided Kim, my MIL, could easily make something like this for me (she's a sewing genius).
 Item #3: Leopard Print Eternity Scarf. WINNER. I definitely kept this one.

 Item #4: Multi-Colored Chevron Print Maxi Skirt. Oh my heck, I absolutely loved it AND it was long enough (WHAT?) but I just couldn't get myself to spend 60 bucks on a cotton maxi. Again, Kim could make that for me for a fraction of the cost.
 Item #5: Black European Jacket. This was absolutely fabulous but unfortunately it was too short…

Seis Meses!

Another month has flown by. The biggest development this month is that Ander is sitting up like a pro. It's funny because he started sitting so suddenly. I would always set him down and seconds later he would flop over. Then one day he decided he could do it and within 3 days, he was awesome at it. ha ha. What a big boy!

 He tried solid foods for the first time this month. He loves rice cereal, sweet potato and pears. He is not so sure about oatmeal and green beans. Ha ha. I'm excited to start making his baby food tomorrow! :)
 Valentines Day was lots of fun. I had TWO Valentines AND I got an awesome blender to make his baby food! Woot!
He has changed so much in 6 months...

 He loves to "fly". If he is on his tummy, you can bet all his limbs are in the air. Ha ha. I have a feeling it's gonna take him ages to figure out crawling. I'm okay with that. ;)

 He is such  cheese ball. ha ha. He knows how adorable he is.
 We FINALLY had a couple days of glorious sun…