Monday, March 31, 2014

Sellebev-elleben Mullubunths


Let's see, new things this month.... Oh! When we put a toy just out of his reach, he goes from sitting on his butt to a swastika position with his legs and then falls to his tummy so that he can reach it. I'm thinking he's gonna be crawling way too soon. OY! But it sure is cute to see him learn and explore.

He eats ANYTHING we put in front of him. He LOVES food! he he. Definitely a McCloskey. ;) One of my favorite things to do is watch him taste new flavors.

One of his favorite pastimes is bouncing in his bouncer (so much so that he has one at grandmas AND at home). He really goes wild in that thing. Ha ha.

And unfortunately, he's still a princess. ;) He only sleeps well in HIS crib (not the porta-crib at grandmas or his carseat while we travel or my arms at church), and only if he's been on a perfect schedule all day. But I can't complain because he does sleep REALLY well when those conditions have been met.

Another awesome thing! He will watch a show while I get stuff done around the house. (Let the judging begin. lol) He likes Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Baby Einstein, etc. It's great! haha. He also really loves music. He will start bouncin when he hears a good beat. I LOVE it. There is hope of a dancer in there! ;) And YES Brandon, I mean hip hop, tap, or ballroom, NOT ballet. Stop stressin. ;)

As for teeth, he still doesn't have any but I swear he's been teething for months. lol. He gets really crabby for no reason, chews on everything, drools like crazy, has red cheeks, and has a really runny nose. Sounds like teething to me... ??

HOLY MOLY, he totally looks like his dad as a baby! Isn't this crazy?? Ha ha..

Waiting for daddy to come home...

 Ready for church!