Wednesday, April 30, 2014

EiGhT mOnThS O.o

Little Blob is 8 months old today!

Fun new things this month:

He went swimming for the first time and absolutely loved it- even when dad dunked him (multiple times)! How rude. :P Brandon insists that he should know how to hold his breath. I'm not so sure. Either way, Ander really enjoyed himself. We've got a little fish! Time to put him on a wake board!

He now has TWO teeth! They came in one right after the other, only days apart. Boy, was he grumpy! He didn't sleep well for a while either, waking 3-4 times a night. That was weeks ago and I haven't seen any others emerge yet.

Currently he is sleeping through the night which is GRAND. Please please, no more teeth. He seems to eat everything just fine with only two. ;)

Aaaaand, he's mobile. Crap. Adorable as it is, he can stop now. What a troublemaker! ha ha. We definitely need to do more baby-proofing. Little Blob is so curious about everything! It's very dangerous. His favorite toys right now are the metal, straight edged legs of the chairs for our dining table. Awesome. Soooo many bumps and bruises. Poor little fella. Eventually he will figure out cause and effect, right? ha ha.

Ander loves when Brandon pushes him around the kitchen in this basket. ha ha. Have I mentioned he's a thrill seeker?

 Oh and this is Kaylee, Ander's birthday buddy. Brandon thinks he could totally handle twins. ;)

 We are soooo grateful for Grandma and Grandpa McCloskey. They watch him often and he is totally in love with them. It's really not fair that he will sleep on Kim's chest but not mine and that he reaches for her instead of me when she's leaving. Hmph. ;)
 How he likes to watch tv....


Playing with grandpa..

 A precarious situation he keeps finding himself in...

 Oh and he really likes to do downward dog!

Whew! I'm exhausted. Never has a photo shoot been so difficult. Our Little Blob is not so blobbish anymore. haha. Oh the days when I could set him anywhere and he would just sit and look cute. No longer! We've got a mischievous little rascal on our hands!