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EiGhT mOnThS O.o

Little Blob is 8 months old today!
Fun new things this month:
He went swimming for the first time and absolutely loved it- even when dad dunked him (multiple times)! How rude. :P Brandon insists that he should know how to hold his breath. I'm not so sure. Either way, Ander really enjoyed himself. We've got a little fish! Time to put him on a wake board!
He now has TWO teeth! They came in one right after the other, only days apart. Boy, was he grumpy! He didn't sleep well for a while either, waking 3-4 times a night. That was weeks ago and I haven't seen any others emerge yet.
Currently he is sleeping through the night which is GRAND. Please please, no more teeth. He seems to eat everything just fine with only two. ;)
Aaaaand, he's mobile. Crap. Adorable as it is, he can stop now. What a troublemaker! ha ha. We definitely need to do more baby-proofing. Little Blob is so curious about everything! It's very dangerous. His favorite toys right now are the metal, s…