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Jackson Hole/Yellowstone Adventure

We got to go on a super fun trip because Brandon's parents wanted to take Marvin, their foreign exchange student from Germany, to Jackson before he headed home today. We were all for tagging along. :)
Ander was SOOO good in the car! What a trooper.

 Holy wildlife Batman! I really wanted to see animals on this trip and I was not disappointed. I was even dangerously close to a moose! AWESOME!
In addition to the moose, we saw buffalo, elk, deer, and even a bald eagle!

The Grand Tetons
Rick's attempt at holding up the mountain. Ha ha. I love him.
Ander was excited about the buffalo too!
 My first time (in my memory anyway) at Old Faithful. Too cool!
 Grandma scored all kinds of points with Ander by giving him ice cream. Ha ha!  I think he likes it. ;)
We hiked quite a bit to get different views of the waterfalls (my favorite). This is at the brink of the Lower Falls. Can you believe this is real??

 I'm falling off the waterfall. Obviously.
We were making out in the photo…

3/4 Year Old

Ander is 9 months old! Wowza.
New things this month: He is learning how to wave, raise both his arms over his head, clap his hands, give high fives, etc. Basically, monkey see, monkey do. Ha ha. He walks along every piece of furniture in the house and climbs over everything, especially mom and dad when they are laying on the floor. This probably isn't true but it SEEMS like he is at the peak of accident proneness. ha ha. He isn't afraid of anything and throws himself into way too many walls, corners, floors, etc. Poor little fella.
Also, his eczema problem has gotten soooo much better due to FINALLY finding a cream that works. Aveeno Eczema Therapy ROCKS. :) 
He went on yet another plane ride and, though he had way too much energy and curiosity about the plane and everything in it, did awesome. He got to play with grandma and grandpa and his aunt and uncle and cousins in Colorado.
At THE ZOO! :)
Plus he FINALLY got to meet my good friend Nissa, who I like to call his "a…