Thursday, July 31, 2014

oNcE mEsEs!

Ander Man is 11 months old today. We almost have a one year old! Craziness. What's new this month? The question is, what isn't new this month? At this point he is learning too many things to list!
His hair is really coming in. It's fun to play with! Although, I really have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to doing boy hair!
He's got 4 teeth now and he's been grumpy enough the past couple days, he must be getting another one! ;)
He gets sooo excited when someone walks with him. He played with a walker at a friend's house last night and he looooved it. You shoulda seen his face! If we practiced with him, he'd be walking in no time. But.. we really don't want to push that milestone. lol.
His new favorite pasttime is opening all the lower drawers in the house and pulling everything out, one by one, and throwing them over his shoulder into a big pile. This kid's trouble!
Recently, he's started singing with me. He lets out with a long and loud, "aaaaaaaahhhh" whenever I sing, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". It's the cutest! 
He's become pretty attached to his blue blankie recently too. If I let him, he'd carry it everywhere.

 We live pretty close to the canyon so we drove up to this reservoir one night for a walk.
 Ander thoroughly enjoyed eating the rocks in the river. Oy.

Kim gave this outfit to Ander a couple weeks ago. It used to be his daddy's! How sweet! I absolutely love it!

 I took Ander to the new Museum of Natural Curiosity and he really loved this water table! He loves to splash! :)

Meet his new face. It's his favorite. hehehe!

He went on his first boating trip this month! I thought he would be terrified by the loud sounds and bumpiness but he did great! He did not, however, like his life vest. At all. The poor little fella can hardly move in it! He was all too happy to get out of it and swim with daddy in the lake.

Little Blob went to San Diego AGAIN with us and got to enjoy the Safari Park. What fun!

Lookie! He finally fits in his R2D2 outfit! haha.

He climbed into this basket and got stuck. lol. Dad decided to push him around in it and then he didn't want to get out!

 We sure love this kid. Stop growing and I mean it! ;)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

diEz MeSEs

Another month has passed already. I can't believe it. Ander Man is 10 months old!

He has mastered climbing stairs which is absolutely terrifying. We've been trying to teach him how to safely get down them but so far, he hasn't caught on.

He has discovered a love for shave ice, just like his mama. I'm all too happy to oblige him with a trip to the Hokulia Shave Ice shack. ;) He likes to feed himself more and more these days and often pushes my hand away if I try to feed him. ha ha.

One funny fact is that he absolutely hates grass. ha ha. He didn't used to mind it but now if you set him on it, he will immediately raise his legs off the grass and cry. He won't even come to me if there is grass between us and that's sayin somethin!

He also says dadda now! YAY! Dad is pretty excited about that. He can make quite a few sounds now and strings different consonants together more often. It's adorable. I love baby babble!

He enjoyed a visit from grandma and grandpa Harmer as well as his aunt Jinny when they came here for a wedding and my dance show. I'm surprised at how quickly he took to them since he only sees them every couple months. It must be because he Face-times grandma pretty much every day. She's the little devil who taught him to go up stairs. ;)

Little Blob loooves to take baths.


Aaaand he's getting another tooth! Up top this time. It's been GRUMPville over here, poor little guy. He was not feeling well for his 10 month photos so sorry there aren't any big smiles. :(

Happy 10 months Commander Ander!