Monday, September 1, 2014

You look like a monkey aaaaand you act like one too!

Happy First Birthday Ander Dare.

You've got 6 (almost 7) teeth. You weigh 23 lbs. You learned how to walk 3 days before your birthday. You grunt louder than any child I know. You love to explore and climb on/in everything. You don't even know what it means to sit still. This makes church reeeeally hard. ;) You have a HUGE stomach that loves pretty much every food. You are very VERY opinionated. You only love to be held by a small few but are slowly getting better with strangers. You make the funniest faces. You scrunch up your whole face in a way that makes me laugh every time. You absolutely adore your fluffy blue blankie and won't sleep with anything else. Your favorite toys are plastic spoons, cardboard boxes, paper, and pens that click in and out. I don't know why we bother buying you toys. :P Your snuggles are rare and quick but totally melt my heart. You are still an avid thumb sucker but are happy to take your lion binkie as well. You are a fabulous sleeper. Thank you for that! I nursed you for a year and then you transitioned to cow's milk like a champ. I loved being able to breastfeed and really cherished that cuddle time. I'm going to need extra snuggles for a while. ;) I love watching you discover new things every day. I get to discover everything again through your eyes and it is so fun! I love singing you to sleep every night. You are going to have those primary songs memorized by the time you're 2! Thank you for loving me and for giving me the opportunity to love someone so deeply. Thank you for teaching me patience. I love you to the moon and back.
Love always,

 We had a big birthday bash for Ander and his friend Kaylee who were born on the same day. We had a Noah's Ark theme so it was totally our fault that it rained. ;) Don't worry, it was just a sprinkle. Ander looooved his birthday cake. He ate his whole piece (for the most part)!

Aaaand here are his 12 month photos.. his last monthly photo shoot! Sad day... :(

Here's to another great year. Love you Blob.